Solutions for Companies

Further, to help organizations achieve and sustain needed Agility and continuous improvement, AgileVirgin started offering Consulting, Training and Coaching services to the Industries, and also started bridging them with the qualified professionals. Today, AgileVirgin has rich pool experienced consultants who can offer custom solutions on:

  • Business Agility
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Assessments, Workshops, Training Solutions (Certified & non-Certified)Technical
  • Agility/Agile Engineering (XP, DevOps, DevSecOps, Continuous Delivery)
  • Coaching & Mentoring across the organization, Role-based coaching
  • Agile event management such as hackathons, lean coffee, Problem Solving, Roadmap & Big Room Planning etc.
  • Agile Capability Building (Centre of Excellence, Community of Practices, Internal Events)
  • Agile start-up engineering team for your product development.

Agile Capability Building

An Agile Organization needs MUSCLES to enable Agility. Various tools to sustain achieved Agility and to continue the culture of continuous improvement, quality development & service, and experimentation & innovation. This we define as building Agile Capability of an organization. It starts from Agile Assessment to understand the need, Strategizing the transformation, Runs through various Adoption stages and once the external scaffoldings of consultants and external change agents is removed, help the organization in Sustaining transformation.

This includes:

  • Agility Assessment and Transformation Readiness at various levels & stages.
  • Strategizing Agile Adoption, Transformation, Scaling, and Sustenance
  • Catalyze Agile and other CoP (Community of Practices).
  • Role Based Coaching for Agile Managers, POs, SMs and next level Agile Coaches
  • Train the Trainer
  • Agile Talent Assess & Access
  • Bespoke Agility learning Bootcamps
  • Enterprise Agility workshop for C-suite & Leadership
  • Culture assessment and recalibration for desired outcome
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Agility Advisory & Assistance
  • Creating experiences via events for specific need of organization like:
    • Retrospective, Learning, Innovation, Ideation, Problem Solving, Product Backlog Formation, Roles mapping & expectation setting, deriving working agreements, Vision alignment & Roadmap creation, Culture recalibration, PI/Big Room/Portfolio Planning
    • Our events are built upon approaches like Design/Visual/Product/Game thinking, Hackathon, Quizzes & Contests, Coaching, Interventions and bringing new perspective via Global leaders
  • Agile Career Bootcamps and Job Fair for finding and hiring right talent
  • Gamify learning with serious games at work.
  • Design and support pilots to initiate & experience Agile Transformation
  • Host Mentorship Program for cross-learning and networking
  • Facilitating small & BIG ROOM Workshops for Problem Solving, Retrospective, Roadmap & Program Planning, Ideation, etc
  • Agile Introduction to Leadership & Mgmt
  • Designing experiences for organizations for innovation and learning, enable a culture for Agility
  • Design and execute programs to identify & develop Internal Agility Talent (SM, PO, proxy-PO, Coaches)
  • Designing & Develop Org Agility Knowledge & Learning Capability
  • Training offerings: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Agile Coaching, Agile Leadership, Agile Project Management, Agile Management Team, Scrum Master Excellence Bootcamp, Visual Thinking, Gamification.

Agile Coaching

Coaching is a powerful tool for helping individuals and groups find solutions by reflecting within, and achieve transformation. An organization on the path of Agile Transformation needs Coaching to create needed Mindset and Culture. We help our clients with a Coaching model that include Agile philosophy, practices and the best from ‘Global Coaching Competencies’. We bring a combination from Industries best institutes with whom we personally engage, they are: Human System Dynamics, Clean Language, IC Agile, ICF, Co-Active, Agile BOSSA nova, Agile Fluency and Personal Agility.

Agile Consulting

We consult our clients on Agile State Assessment, Adoption, Transformation, Scaling and Sustenance. We strategies the transformation for our clients and also help them with the pool of experienced Agile Consultants. We consult for transformation at various levels starting from teams to Enterprise, which brings in agility of startup and robustness of Enterprise. We strategies such that organizations can build on their existing infrastructure and don’t end up losing the knowledge built over decades on areas like PMO, IT Governance, Middle Management and other roles, processes and departments which are not mentioned out loud in Agile Frameworks.

We bring best from various Agility enabling frameworks like SAFe, PMI-DAD, Nexus, Scrum, Spotify, LeSS, Scrum@Scale, BOSSA nova, Sociocracy and customize these for our client’s needs. We focus on Setting up not only Agile Ways of working but also on Technical Agility via DevOps, right CI/CD pipeline, TDD, BDD, Agile Testing, Design Thinking, Journey/Customer/Empathy Maps, Pair Programming, Mob Programming, XP Practices.

Agile Training

We provide custom as well as certification training to our clients on topics spreading from Lean-Agile, Scaling Agile, Coaching, Product Management, Agile Management, Agile PMO,  Agile Leadership, Agile Development, DevOps & DevSecOps, Technical Agility via TDD, BDD, Agile Testing, XP Practices. Under Certification umbrella, we offer Training for major Certification bodies which include: Scrum Alliance, Scrum.Org, Scruminc, Scaled Agile, PMI-DAD, LeSS, IC Agile, Scrum@Scale. We also provide focused training on Technical Agility.

Gamify Learning & Visual Thinking

An Agile Organization needs various tools to sustain achieved Agility and to continue the culture of continuous improvement, experimentation and innovation. This we define as building Agile Capability of an organization, which is needed to support Continuous Agility State Assessment, Inspect & Adapt Transformation Strategy and execution. It starts from Agile Assessment and Adoption Phase and once the external scaffoldings of consultants and external change agents is removed, helps the organization in sustaining transformation. This includes following:

  • Establishing Agile CoP (Community of Practices).
  • Role Based Coaching for Agile Managers, POs, SMs and next level Agile Coaches.
  • Hiring for Agile Talent.
  • Creating Customized Agile induction and Training content.
  • Designing intentional Agile Events, quizzes and contests for innovation and culture.
  • Org branding as Agile Organization.
  • Interventions and brining new perspective via Global leaders.

Org Branding

We help our clients with their branding initiatives to achieve:

  • Establish Tech, Digital and Agile Thought Leadership.
  • Showcase Inclusion & Diversity.
  • Showcase your services & products
  • Enable collaboration with peers in the market
  • Attract right talent