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About AgileVirgin

Started in 2013, with a vision to meet Agility needs of it’s Community, AgileVirgin operates as one BIG Community of Practices (CoP). With increased demand for professional services in lean agile and devops space, in 2015 AgileVirgin formally established an Agility Solutioning Boutique which provides customized solutions to it’s Clients, as one-shoe-doesn’t-fit-all and every client is unique. It’s a solutioning Boutique and not a factory!

Our Solutions and Programs for Corporates & Communities

AgilityToday Fest

An Agility enabling fest, spreading over multi-months canvas, offering various Agility Enabling Spaces & Experiences to its participants, where each space serves a unique purpose for Agilists and organizations who are on different stages of their journey.

Agile Engineering Lab

A dedicated space for Developers and Technology evangelists to discuss, learn and discover new development in the technology space, better technical practices, and approaches for smooth product delivery.

Change Agents Summit

Change Agents Summit is India’s first Flip Conference that intends to establish academia for Change Agents, which facilitate Research, Report Writing and an Ecosystem that will equip our Change Agents with the knowledge and tools needed to survive and thrive in an ever-changing landscape in their industries.


An unconference also called an Open Space conference, is a “participant-driven meeting”.

This UnConference empowers people, help them get to the stage, and more be in a no-sage-on-stage kind of setup. We have a Participant driven Vision, Participant driven Program, and even Participant driven engagement and enrolment.

Global Mentorship Program

A 4 weeks FREE online mentorship program to help everyone from all around the world, offer mentorship in the areas they have the expertise in, and seek mentorship in the areas where they want to excel, parining them to enable mentoring on the topics of their choice.

Dream Big

A program that focuses on fun, networking, learning, and development for Women.

Visual Binge

An indulgence in different aspects of ideating and communicating visually. Join us for India’s first ever Visual thinking Unconference which is online this year. This is a 2Days event that offers participants a forum to develop creative ideas by drawing connections.

Licensed Workshop

A not-for-profit offering in which with the help of global experts, we bring some of the exclusive copyright content to our Agile learners. Our intention is to get those courses that are not accessible on regular basis to a much bigger community here and establish a regular inflow channel for the same.

Agile Career Bootcamp

An intense Bootcamp to offers all resources required for taking your career to the desired state.  Discovering the most suitable career path, unveiling the latest industry trends, providing conversation with experts, and hiring leaders, and guiding you in drafting right resume and building most suitable brand for self.


A multi sprints long Learning, Contesting and Winning Marathon for Agilists around the world, connecting hundreds of Agilists around the world, and generating valuable solutions for everyone to learn and benefit from.

Women In Agile and Tech

Women In Agile and Tech is a collective effort to the bridge gap and create platform for more women and non-binary voices, providing a path to support and amplify a diverse and empowered community. It’s a platform where one woman helps another to build a sustainable network that extends the support year round, to women and allies within their network.

Agile Job Fair

A platform to connect the best of the brains in the Agile industry with the Organizations that need them. Agile Talent includes those who understand Agile Ways of Working, bring those impressions in the roles they play. Roles can be of Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owner, Product/People/Program Managers, Business Analysts, and Agile Coaches/Consultants/Trainers.


India’s First Gamification focused Unconference. With Funconf, we want to provide an immersive exploration of gamification, facilitation, and serious games at work. Games are activities focused on teaching, demonstrating, and improving organizational Productivity, Agility, and Effectiveness through fun activities and simulations.

Gamification Hackathon

Gamification is a strategic approach to enhance systems, services, organizations, and activities to create experiences similar to playing games, to motivate and engage users. Simply out, Gamification is adding game mechanics into nongame environments, like your work, learning, user engagement, or anything that you can think of.

Upcoming Workshops, Events & Training


This event helped me in a lot of ways. It gave me a chance to express my ideas towards a problem statement, get an access for the best proposed solutions and most importantly getting to know a lot people who are helping each other to grow professionally.


This was such an amazing initiative as it required exploration and in turn gave learning.


#AgileAThon to me was a platform for Knowledge Sharing, Learning and then Contesting. While preparing the solutions, I could identify myself (my values, my experiences, a writer in me) and was able continuously improve through judges feedback and reading solutions submitted by other participants.


Agility Today had a unique friendly, in fact Agile vibe, that have not witnessed in conferences anywhere, forget Delhi NCR. Space was that of open collaboration, where learning flowed, back and forth. And just in case you think that sounds chaotic, it wasn’t.


Well organized Agility Today unconference, provided an opportunity to network with new and old experts in a welcoming atmosphere. For me, this unconference generated a lot of ideas about how to continue to expand my skills and professional qualifications.


Agility Today, the most memorable event, blended with in-depth knowledge & experience sharing. Panel discussions and presentations were very engaging with topics relevant to Industry trends. Such events are imperative for the companies in the current VUCA world.


It is always good to participate in any event that encourages to write about what you know or feel as a best practice, Agile-A-thon is one such opportunity which is quench for thirst for any agile coach/change agents to voice out their best practices to the community. Thanks for the opportunity!


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