Our Solutions

Agile Coaching

An agile coach helps a teams or individual adopt and improve agile methods and practice. A coach helps people rethink and change the way they go about discovery and development of product. The coach role is part embedded trainer and part consultant—specifically, an adviser. Even the best agile training courses cannot cover every detail or eventuality a team will encounter. The coach is there to continue the training after the formal classes are over.

Coaching Solution for Organisations

A lot of time Organisations help or aspire to help their internal Agile Enthusiasts upgrade to SM and Agile Coach, with some training program. But that is not enough. A training Program lasts for 2 - 3 Days, and the best agile training courses cannot cover every detail or eventuality a SM or Coach will encounter. Our Coaching Programs are designed for your internal SMs, Coaches and Managers, to help them find solutions to emerging problems, that an Organisation on path of transformation faces.

Coaching Solution for Individuals

We all are capable of Servant Leadership and catalysing transformation in Individuals and Organisations. We just need a little shepherding from a Coaches who has achieved personal transformation and mastery, from their own continuous journey of learnings. If you as an ScrumMaster, Coach or Manager feel that you have done a great deal, but still there are situations that you feel stuck at OR you are absolutely NEW to these roles and shape your career as mature ScrumMaster/Coach, you must join our Coaching Program.