Our Solutions

Agile Consulting

One shoe doesn’t fit all. All organisations are unique, with different set of problems to solve and needs to meet. So there is no fixed package that can be sold. We believe in working with client to build a solution that best fits their need. We have the expertise in consulting organizations so that they can start Agile Adoption, achieve transformation, scale it to enterprise level and sustain that achievement. Our coaches having extensive experience in behavioral consulting, processes consulting, leadership consulting and technical consulting.

Our consulting is a 4 step approach, and a combination of Training, Coaching and framework co-creation for the Client Organisation. We focus on our long term partnership but short term stay in your organization by creating change agents. The intention is to establish accountability and ownership in teams and making your scrum masters the real leaders as a coach. Small incremental changes in process and structure will fuel change in the organization; however, the real change comes when people in your organization believe in the change. And so people enrollment plays a crucial role, and only skilled facilitators can do that. If your organisation is on path to transformation or wants to start their journey, we can be your facilitators. Let us know your need.

We run special workshops to Coach your Leaders as SM, Coaches, POs and Agile Managers. Our Workshops are:

  • Expectation & Roles Mapping
  • Agile Coaching Expert
  • Agile Thought Leadership
  • Agile Transformation Strategy
  • Establish Agile CoP
  • Co-create Agile Competency Model
  • Right Hiring
  • Agile for Functions - HR, Marketing and Sales
  • Roadmap formation Workshop
  • Story Mapping Workshop