Innovation Games® For Agile Teams – Certification Workshop (1 Day)

About the Event

One of four core values of the Agile Manifesto is Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. We like to shorten this just a bit and focus on collaboration: within a team, between teams, with customers, and with stakeholders. The most popular Agile method is Scrum – and Scrum is built on effective collaboration!

Effective collaboration is powered by goal-driven frameworks, with clearly understood roles, interaction models and an understanding of what the group is going to do with the results.

In this powerful one-day, learning-by-doing certification workshop, you will learn several essential frameworks to improve your Agile projects. Special emphasis will be placed on scaling collaboration to meet the needs of multiple Scrum teams and distributed Scrum teams.


The Leela, Gurugram



13 Apr, 2019

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