Change Agent’s Summit

About Change Agent’s Summit

India’s first Flip Conference that intends to establish academia for Change Agents, which facilitate Research, Report Writing and an Ecosystem that will equip our Change Agents with the knowledge and tools needed to survive and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

2019 CAS is planned to happen in Bangalore, India on 13 Oct 2019. Agenda for this Summit continues to: evaluate “State of Agile Transformation in Indian Subcontinent”.



Lean Agile Change Agents are responsible for bringing in needed change in ecosystem and solve problems that emerge in the path of transformation. But where do Change Agents find solution for their own problem? Is there an ecosystem that enables change agents to do their job effectively and efficiently?

Where are they heading, and where do they see themselves in the next 2 – 5 years? How will they grow as leaders and professionals when Agile wave fizzle out. From where to get help. How to share their experiences so that others can learn from their mistakes, and do not feel helpless. How to go beyond Scrum and other Agile Frameworks to achieve holistic and indigenous Transformation that results in Business Agility.

With this initiative, we intend to create a movement that enables Lean Change Agent of india, do right job right, and bring in needed Culturatural and Business Transformation.